Frequently Asked Questions

Just what is a "rubber doll"?
If you are new to rubber dolling, click here to read a quick primer on the rubber doll fetish written by Steffy the Rubber Doll!
How often is this event held?
Every year! There isn't an event like this...anywhere! We are hoping for a good turnout of like-minded people to make this a success.
Why Minneapolis?
Minneapolis is centrally located for people in the US and has an international airport for those people flying in from other countries. The city is known for being fetish friendly, progressive and "NICE"!.
How private will this event be? Will there be people from the press there? What about other hotel guests?
We are doing our best to make this a discrete event for attendees, the hotel, and anybody from the general public that encounters any participant. The event areas will be off limits for people who are not registered for the event. There will be NO PRESS PEOPLE invited to this event. If any do show up because they heard about it, they will not be permitted inside unless they register and abide by all rules, including the PHOTOGRAPHY RULES. Do keep in mind that there will be other guests in the hotel and that occasionally traveling through public areas cannot be avoided. Keep this in mind and if your costume warrants it, appropriate cover is mandatory!
Is there a cheaper hotel that I can stay at and still attend this event?
There are always cheaper hotels around, but they are not very close. You would be far better off to find another doll to share a room with, this way you won't miss anything! And if you plan to attend this event, you will need to abide by the dress code... do you really want to travel back and forth in a taxi in costume to change? And changing in public restrooms will draw the attention of the event coordinators as well as hotel security. This is a classy hotel, who would not want to stay here? People who live within 20 miles of the hotel (i.e. locals) do not HAVE to stay at the host hotel, but it is greatly encouraged for convenience and to help us meet our contract with the hotel.
What about meals?
The dolls will be on their own for meals, so plan on either room service or getting together with some of the other dolls to eat in the hotel restaurant or an offsite locale.
Will the dress code be enforced for the entire event and in all areas? Do I need to be a doll while attending panels and visiting the dealer room as well?
Yes. The code will be in force in the conference area and all official excursions. There will be an area in the vendor room during the day and at the dances for people to remove masks or hoods for a quick "breather" when needed.
I still need to budget my money to attend, is there any way to find somebody willing to share a room for this event?
We have set up a Yahoo group specifically for people who want to attend to discuss plans and ideas, including room, and or ride sharing. Just click here to join.
Can dolls pose for pictures in public areas of the hotel, such as around the pool?
The hotel is being very tolerant of this event and has no restrictions on where attendees can pose as long as their costume satisfies hotel and RWR dress guidelines.
Does the hotel have wireless internet?
I so much want to become a part of this fetish and would love to meet people who can help me. Is there some exception to the dress code that allows me to attend and learn how to become a doll?
Some minimal effort to meet the dress code is required. Dolls will be attending who have hundreds and in some cases thousands of dollars in their outfits. So if an attendee is clearly interested, we will allow the use of non-doll fetish attire (latex, PVC, silicone or shiny lycra).
Can I buy what I need to become a doll at the event?
Although we cannot guarantee the availability of anything in the vendors' area, we are trying to enroll vendors who can fulfill your fantasies. Keep checking the vendor page to see who is coming and perhaps contact them directly if you have something in mind.
I see that the dress code requires head to toe latex, PVC, leather or spandex. What about over that? Can I wear a spandex zentai suit with a sissy dress over it and still be a doll?
Yes, that is fine.
How will attendees be identified? Will I wear a badge with my doll name displayed on it?
Badges will be on lanyards and we will put the name you tell us to use on the entry form, whether it is a doll name, nickname, vendor name or real name.
I will turn 18 in May, is that close enough?
NO! You must be 18 or older on the day that you register for the event, and proof of age will be required. This is an event for adults and there are laws regarding the age of attendees and we have no intention of breaking them. ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS!
How do I prove that I am over 18?
A government issued Identification with photo will be accepted as proof of age. Driver's licenses, passports, military IDs are all acceptable. If you have any questions about what you have for ID, contact us and we will be glad to answer for you.
I am a rubber doll, but my "significant other" is not, can he/she come also?
Yes absolutely! We only ask that your partner follow the dress code (latex, PVC, silicone, shiny lycra). We will accept anything classy and/or sexy for non-dolls. The RWR is a chance to escape into your desires and bring your partners into them with you. If you're on a budget, there are inexpensive alternatives. Send us a message for suggestions. Reasonable exceptions will be made in cases of medical necessity or strong personal reasons, as long as it does not distract from the theme and purpose of the event or violate any hotel dress code requirements.
I am a girl who is a rubber doll and my "significant other" wants to come. They are not really into being a girl doll, but they do enjoy rubber. Do they have to be a girl doll?
No, but they do have to meet the dress code as best is possible unless there are extenuating medical or personal reasons.

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